After several consistent years of La Niña summers, an El Niño summer has been declared for 2024. With this recent announcement, Australia could be facing some of the hottest and driest summer days in history. An El Niño brings warmer days, dryer conditions, and a much higher chance of drought and bushfires for Australia. Prepare your home and family with these simple to follow steps.


Have A Bushfire Survival Action Plan In Place:

If you live near a large park area, large bush area, or forest, it is advisable to have a bushfire action plan. A bushfire action plan is a set of instructions and actions that you and your family will take in case of a fire that may require you and your family to leave your property in a hurry. Sit down with your family and take the time to plan out your own bushfire action plan. It could end up saving your life.

Have An Emergency Kit Ready:

Having an emergency kit can be extremely helpful. Your emergency kit should contain items such as a torch, spare batteries, notepads, pens, water, first aid kit, important documentation, non-perishable snacks, spare change of clothing etc. Only pack the necessities.


Clear Unnecessary Vegetation Around Your Home:

During summer, it is easy for leaves, offcuts, lawn cuttings, and other vegetation to pile up on and around your lawn. However, with the dryer days and hotter temperatures to come, piles of vegetation are a perfect source of fuel for a fire. Clear away any piles of leaves, offcuts, branches, lawn cuttings, and any other combustibles from your property.


Ensure Easy Access To Water Supply:

Having access to water supplies near your home during an El Niño summer is vital. Ensure that all taps on the outside of your home are in perfect working condition. It’s advisable to have a hose long enough to reach all parts of the outside of your home from every tap

Maintain a Defensible space Between Your Home And Trees:

The trees surrounding your home can provide shade during the warmer days. However, overhanging branches near your home can pose a safety and fire risk. Prune away any overhanging trees near your home. Not only will this provide you with time to act, but it will also aid in reducing the risk of injury to yourself and your family members. It will also give you more time to act should any of your trees catch fire.



An El Niño summer comes with its pros and cons. It is important to understand that there will be some very hot and dry days coming for Australia. Ensuring that you and your home are ready.  Having an emergency bushfire action plan in place will aid in your ability to be at ease during this year’s El Niño summer.



Follow these simple steps to help get you and your home ready for an El Niño summer this year.