A La Niña summer tends to bring up to 30% more rainfall than a non La Niña summer. With this in mind, it is important to ensure your home is ready and safe for you and your family. Follow these simple steps to help get you home ready for a La Niña summer this year.


The Importance of Tree Trimming Near Your Home

Surrounding trees near your home comes with its advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that during summer, the trees provide shade cover, helping to keep your home and its surroundings cooler. However, a disadvantage would be with strong winds and storms, tree branches could fall onto you or your home, having the potential to cause damage and serious injury. It is best to cut overhanging limbs or dead branches off from any surrounding trees near your home. This will help to protect you, your home, and any nearby powerlines.



Why You Should Regularly Clear Out Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is one of many tasks that homeowners dread. It is usually a timely exercise and seems to never be an easy task. Over time, gutters tend to get blocked with dirt, leaves, and other debris. During rain, blocked gutters are unable to effectively remove the wastewater to the drain and tend to overflow and cause a mess. Cleaning your gutters and downpipes will assist in keeping your home free of excess water during this La Nina Summer.


The Importance of Getting Your Roof Checked

There is nothing worse than having water leak into your roof and down into your home. Cracked tiles are a leading cause of water damage to homes. It is wise to have your roof inspected by a professional company. They will be able to ensure that your roof is in tip-top condition and ready to handle any weather conditions it may face during a La Nina Summer.



The Importance of Keeping Stormwater Drains Clean

Storm water drains are designed to drain water away from your home and the road. They play a crucial role in keeping your home safe. If you have a stormwater drain in front of your home, it is wise to check on it every once in a while, to ensure there is no debris blocking it. Helping keep a stormwater drain clear could save you a lot of hassle and money during heavy storms this La Nina.


Are You Protected Against Floods by Your Home Insurance?

Now is the time to call your insurer and check that your home insurance covers you for flooding and water damage. Review your current cover and ensure you and your home have the correct insurance cover for your needs.


Following these simple steps will help get you and your home ready for a La Nina Summer.