Buying a home in today’s market is a significant financial decision that is often made by new home buyers. Now more than ever, when interest rates are up, and basic living costs are going up, saving every dollar matters. In this blog, we will offer the advice Coastal Building Inspections can come up with for new home buyers when buying a home.


Shop Within Your Budget:

We all know that buying a forever home or even a second home can be an exciting, scary, and stressful experience. Let’s first remind you that you know your monthly expenses, your income, and what other expenses you may have. The key is here. Set a budget and stick to it. Following this rule will help to take the stress out of shopping for your forever home and it will also help you to know exactly what homes fall within your price range.

A Good Real Estate Agent Matters:

It can help to find a real estate agent who knows the local areas well and then together do a search for the home. A real estate agent who can make the whole process easier for you can facilitate your road towards buying the right home. It takes time to get to know who is best to help you with your interest, but it is worth it.


Properly Inspect The Homes You Like:

As the house or apartment you’re planning to buy will be the place where you will spend the majority of your lifetime and home savings, it’s better to make sure that all the boxes will be ticked. During the open home inspections, look for moisture in the house. Moisture is always a sign that there can be more hidden issues. Moisture and prolonged dampness cause mould and mildew to begin to grow fast. Long-term excessive dampness, mould and mildew will do damage to walls, paint, structural timbers, wooden flooring and furniture.


Purchase A Pre Purchase Building Inspection Report:

After you have found the property of your dreams, and one that you know is your forever home, hiring a professional like Coastal Building Inspections to carry out a full Pest and Building Inspection can help to ease your concerns and help you to know precisely the problems that you may be faced with if you were to purchase the property. The report you receive when carrying out a professional Building and Pest Inspection is a full, detailed report that you can read and easily understand. You could end up finding hidden major problems within the property that could potentially save you a lot of money down the track.


In conclusion, buying a property is a big jump into the unknown. Remember to plan and think clearly, financially incentivise your solicitor, get professional advice from a real estate agent, order thorough home and building inspection if you can elsewhere and make an informed decision. None of the processes are too complex or out of reach if the incentive is there to provide outstanding service. Pre-purchase building inspection reports are just one of the many ways Coastal Building Inspections can assist you. At Coastal Building Inspections, we help you turn the dream of owning a home into a reality.