For prospective buyers or developers, the property market can be an exhilarating experience but it can also be nerve-wracking. If a buyer is investing for the first time or planning to make an addition to an existing property portfolio, there are so many uncertainties involved in the buying process. A range of building inspections are available to help minimise these uncertainties. One of the difficulties is employing the right type of inspection, which needs to be relevant to the different property types and various situations that may arise.

Here’s an overview of some key building inspections you might need in Australia.

Dilapidation Report

The report is a must in crowded suburban areas where construction takes place. These constructions can disturb properties nearby, and even cause larger issues than needed.
This document is used by construction operators to keep a detailed record of the state of properties in the area surrounding a construction site. The report can be made before construction, documenting existing problems in case there are any damage claims related to the project or, after the fact, providing a record of the state prior to construction. Usually, such a report is requested by construction operators, in order to fulfill requirements from regulatory bodies, prior to starting the project.


Strata Inspection

Strata title homes, such as multi-story apartments and townhouses, have very different inspection processes than single-title homes do. As they are shared-ownership dwellings with common areas, the inspection process is significantly more complicated.
Strata Inspections: A check of the whole building including shared facilities such as stairwells, lobbies, pools and the like. The inspector will read the minutes of body corporate meetings, as well as reviewing the property records kept by the scheme, invoices and receipts, compliance with fire and asbestos regulations and the strata agreement itself. All of this sets the scene for the final part of the inspection – the Strata Report.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

A major investment needs to be properly taken into account from the beginning, and that is why a pre-purchase building inspection is carried out prior to the completion of the property purchase. Overall, one of the advantages of obtaining this kind of building survey is that it saves the buyer a considerable amount of money by disclosing all the unfavourable aspects that could potentially impose costly repairs.

Prior to concluding your purchase, an independent inspector will examine the building for any structural defects, pests, motor and electrical problems, plumbing and HVAC malfunctions, roof problems, and other aspects. Today’s inspectors, like the team at Coastal Building Inspections, use tools such as moisture meters, carbon monoxide meters, thermal imaging, gas leak detectors, and much more. Their findings are documented in a professional, easy-to-read report to reduce your risk of making costly and frustrating mistakes.


Coastal Building Inspections: Your Local Experts

Licensed to inspect your dream home to ensure a new life in your new potential home. Potential buyers and sellers alike will be at ease by having Coastal Building Inspections as their property inspectors. As a local family-owned business situated on the beautiful Central Coast, we provide you with timely and trustworthy reports conducted by a highly skilled inspector. Our business is your business, which ensures clear and transparent reporting that will guide you through any results and leave you with no questions unanswered. If need be, reports can be emailed within 24 hours to avoid any delays.

Get a true picture of the property’s condition before you buy – whether it is for a dilapidation report, a strata inspection, or a pre-purchase building inspection, you will find your answers through the range of property inspection services provided by Coastal Building Inspections. Call now to discuss your detailed inspection and have the confidence you deserve in your property transactions.