Are you looking to sell or rent your home? The average family nowadays have very specific needs when it comes to purchasing or renting a home. A home needs to be able to grow and adapt to the ever-growing needs of a family. In this blog, we are going to look at some of the key features a family may be looking for when purchasing or renting a home.


A family will need space to grow as their little ones grow. It is a huge bonus for small families if a home has two or more bathrooms and multiple rooms. A functional and practical kitchen is essential, along with a large common area with plenty of space for furniture and space to play. Extra storage space is always a bonus for any family with kids.



If you have a family with little ones, then you will know that keeping them safe is always the top priority. New home buyers or those looking to rent tend to want to live in an area with very low crime rates. Having tough locks on all exterior doors and garages is a bonus. Having plenty of external lights that have seniors will aid in making your house more advantageous for any potential buyers or renters. The more safety features your home has, the more desirable it will be for new home buyers or renters with families.

Proximity to schools and shops:

The proximity and quality of schools and shops near home is a huge decision-maker for many families. Families will be looking for homes that have a range of schools and shops near them. Having a selection of schools and shops nearby will aid in placing your home at the top of the prospective list to buy or rent for any family.


Outdoor Space:

A functional outdoor space is highly sought after for families, providing opportunities for small children to play and for adults to relax and entertain. A fenced yard offers privacy and safety. Families with pets typically seek residences offering ample space conducive to their furry companions’ enjoyment and activities.

In summary, home buyers or renters with families are looking for a home with the full package. They will need space, safety and security, storage, plenty of rooms and bathrooms, and close proximity to shops and schools. Understanding the needs of families can really help you to pitch your home when trying to sell or rent.