Home ownership comes with some incredible privileges – a permanent residence, the right to renovate – but also many responsibilities. One of the biggest and most important of these is home repairs and maintenance. When identifying, arranging and paying for repairs and maintenance is entirely up to homeowners, keeping the house in good condition all year round isn’t just a choice: it’s essential for owners who want to protect their investment and keep costs manageable. 

To help you prepare your home for a tough Australian summer, here is our summer home maintenance checklist. Work your way through this then sit back, put your feet up and enjoy some peace of mind knowing you’ve done your best for your biggest asset!

Summer home maintenance tips: a checklist

Decks and verandahs

Keeping timber oiled or varnished protects and extends its life. First, check for damage to any boards or balustrades and repair them. You should also hammer in any nails that are coming loose or poking out.

Then, if it’s been longer than 12 months since your deck or verandah was last varnished or oiled, apply a new coat to ensure protection through harsh summer weather. 

Solar panels

Summer is boom season for your solar panels, and they won’t work as efficiently if they’re covered in dust and debris. If you can do it safely yourself, get up on the roof and clean them. 

While you’re on the roof, check for any damage that could cause leakages during a storm.

Overhanging branches 

Check for branches hanging over your roof which could break off during a storm and arrange to have them removed.

Water tanks

Summer home maintenance tips - rebalance poolStagnant water at the inlet to your rainwater tank can become the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. Check for and clear any debris at the water tank inlet and inspect the screens to ensure mosquito larvae and other pests can’t get inside.

Swimming pool

Before you jump in, check the water balance and top up any chemicals required. If you’re new to the pool maintenance game, check in with a technician from your local pool shop and get instructions for rebalancing the water. Then, clean the bottom and sides of the pool and run the pump for 24 hours.

Fly screens

Mozzies are enough of a nuisance outside – make sure they can’t come in! Check your fly screens and repair them, or head to Bunnings for a replacement if the damage needs more than a spot fix.

Air conditioners

There’s no time like the present to look after everyone’s favourite appliance during summer: the aircon. Arrange for a professional air conditioner cleaning to prevent bacteria and mould growth inside and ensure it runs smoothly (and stink-free) through summer.

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And last but not least, keep yourself safe and healthy this summer. After getting through this summer home maintenance checklist, you deserve some rest and relaxation!