Many people make the mistake of thinking renovations will always add value to a home. But the fact is that many upgrades will cost more than they’ll ever bring you in return. If you’re selling a house, ensure the renovations you do will increase your profit margin. Here are the top three home improvements that add value to property and help you get the best outcome.

Home improvements that add value to property, every time

1. Exterior home improvements

The exterior of a house creates the potential buyers’ very first impression, so it’s important the scene at the front is attention-grabbing and visually appealing.

home renovations that add value to property - exterior

  • Update the facade with fresh cladding materials.
  • Sharpen things up by painting the trims, fascias, bargeboards and gutters.
  • If there’s a front garden or lawn, do some simple landscaping to make it sparkle – a neat and striking green space can have a huge impact on how people feel about a house.
  • Replace a drab front door with a modern one, or apply ssome fresh paint for a welcome pop of colour.
  • Repair or paint fences, porticos and awnings.
  • Mow the lawn and weed and mulch garden beds.

2. Bathroom renovations

We’ve all experienced the disappointment of walking into an ancient, cramped and creaky bathroom in an otherwise lovely home. This is why bathroom renovations are one of the top three value-adding home renovations you can do!

Don’t let potential buyers slip away: consider doing some of the following if your bathroom needs smartening up.

  • Replace old, rusty fixtures and fittings like shower heads and taps with stylish, clean and minimal ones.
  • Dated tiles? Paint them with tile paint for a low-cost fix, or replace them with something more modern.
  • Get rid of any stains on the shower, bath or toilet.
  • Make sure everything is working perfectly – no leaky taps, poor water pressure (people will check this!) or toilet cisterns.

3. Kitchen renovations

As the heart of the home, the kitchen is extremely important to buyers. It can – and does – make all the difference in a sale!

Before you freak out, we don’t mean you have to replace the whole kitchen. Instead, focus on updating it with some simple but effective changes.

Bathroom renovations are one of the top 3 home improvements that add value to property. Replace tiles, update fixtures and repaint.

  • Paint the cabinets and any timber or laminate cabinetry.
  • Change the taps – if your kitchen is old, taps have come a long way and a simple upgrade can be affordable and impactful.
  • Ensure there are sufficient conveniently-located power sockets.
  • Check that all your appliances are sparkling clean and working perfectly.
  • Add some stylish lighting to modernise the kitchen.


There are many other home improvements that add value to property, from solar panels to fly screens. But if you want to start with the most valuable and important, go with the exterior, kitchen and bathroom.


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