Are you a landlord? Renting out your home to others can be a huge risk. There are a few steps that landlords can take to help mitigate some of these risks.

 Routine Building Inspections

It is important to perform routine inspections on your leased properties. Doing this will help you keep up to date on any issues there, along with having an up-to-date record of the condition of your properties.

Don’t avoid needed repairs

At some stage within your tenant’s rental, there will be some unforeseen and unavoidable repairs. A common repair, such as a leaking tap, can be a small and cheap ra

pier. Leaving a small repair job such as this unactioned for months can end up changing a small repair into a large and expensive repair. Take early actions to save yourself money and to keep your tenants happy.

Open Communication

Having happy tenants can mitigate a lot of issues that landlords could face when letting out their homes. It is important to keep an open line of professional communication with tenants at all times. Affective communication will help tenants gain a greater feeling of trust in landlords and will result in any problems or repairs being reported early before they become major issues.

Yearly pest and building inspection.

Investing in a full pest and building inspection yearly can end up saving you money a lot of money in the long run. At times, there are issues that go unnoticed for years. Having a team like Coastal Building Inspections perform a full pest and building inspection will help you catch any issues early. Coastal Building Inspections will provide you with a full report on their inspection and findings. They will be able to point out issues they have found and advise you on the best cause of action moving forward.


Leasing out your property to anyone always comes with its own risk. There are steps that landlords can take to help reduce these risks. Don’t let small repairs get out of hand, and always have an effective line of communication with your tenants. Having a pest and building inspection performed on your property each year is a wise investment. Follow these simple steps to help mitigate certain potential issues.