Whether they show it or not, every property undergoes an amount of wear and tear throughout the year. Exposure to the elements, accidental damage, and simply the passage of time all contribute to the gradual degradation of a home. That’s why home maintenance is at the top of many homeowners’ summer to-do lists: it preserves and enhances the value of your home, and keeps your property safe, secure and enjoyable to live in. Summer is a great opportunity to catch up or get a head start on home maintenance for the year.

So what should be on your summer home maintenance list? Here are our recommendations, from cleaning the aircon to trimming back overhanging branches.

Summer home maintenance tasks


Water tank

Check and clear any debris surrounding the water tank inlet to ensure your rainwater stays fresh and free of pests. A build up of leaves at the inlet can allow water to build up, where mosquitos and other insects can breed. 

Check pH balance in swimming pool

Whether your pool is salt water or chlorine, its balance can’t stay stable all year. Get some test strips from your local pool shop or take a sample in to test the chemical balance.

Varnish the verandah

Varnish doesn’t just look great – it also helps timber decking stay strong and smooth and extends its lifespan. First, check for damage to any of the flooring panels and hammer in any nails sticking out. Then, lather with the oil or varnish of your choice.

Get the solar panels cleaned

The cleaner your solar panels are, the more effectively they can absorb sunlight. If you can get up on the roof safely, get up there and clean them. 

Summer home maintenance - trim overhanging branches

Trim overhanging branches

Check for branches hanging over your roof. They could fall during a heavy storm, so it’s best to have them trimmed them back (before wild weather does the trimming for you!).


Check and fix fly screens

It’s insect season! Check your fly screens for breakages and patch them up until you can get them replaced. 

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Get your air conditioner serviced

The air conditioner is everyone’s favourite appliance in summer, so keep yours in good working order! Arrange for a professional air conditioner cleaning to prevent bacteria and mould growth inside and ensure it runs smoothly (and stink-free) through summer.


If you’ve gotten through these, you’ve earned a break! The last item on your list is kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying the feeling of getting good work done.